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    Interviews are StressfulHard & Competitive

    Each year the Plastic Surgery application process seems to be getting more and more competitive. Although the quality of the applicant increases, the interview remains relatively standard. This is why  successful interview preparation period is a great way to optimise your application. 
    Every future Plastic Surgeon goes through the same emotional journey of stress, fatigue, self-doubt and anxiety. This online digital course removes all those emotions with a purposeful and well-planned step-by-step digital course that puts the interviewee in safe hands.'s

    360o Plastic Surgery Interview Course

    Your ultimate step-by-step plastic surgery interview course will provide you with total confidence in your preparation - a specific preparation method to ensure your success at the Plastic Surgery Interview.

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    What's included for you?

    • 6 Modules of Fresh Content
    •  Verified Past Questions
    • Unique Answer Templates
    • Multi-Mini Interviews
    • CV/Portfolio Preparation
    • Prepare from any location

    An "Interview Brain"

    You will learn how to develop, organize and implement a specific set of interview skills and successfully execute the specific course content, even under the most stressful of interview circumstances! This is designed specifically for future Plastic Surgeons. 

    Global Interview Curriculum

    The global plastic surgery interview curriculum has been analysed to ensure you succeed in your interview. thePlasticsFella team is incredibly proud to be able to provide course content for all future Plastic Surgeons, regardless of location. 

    The Interview Curriculum

     Bonus Content: Must-Have Answer Templates!

    • Designed for your International Curriculum

      Clever answer templates have been designed for the international plastic surgery curriculum. Interview questions and experiences have been analysed to ensure you succeed in your interview, regardless of location. 

    • Easy-to-Remember (even when you're stressed!)

      These answer templates are ones you can actually remember in an interview! There is no worse feeling that not been able to remember a memory hook or mnemonic in a stressful situation. 

    The Interview Experience

    It is just as important for those preparing for an interview to give the impression that you are the person described. It is a skill that is acquired by practice

    Preparation is key in order to score well and not only obtain a training number but to obtain a training number in the region you wish

    Best way to prepare for an interview is to routinely practice simulation of the oral examination...This will build confidence and improve your problem-solving ability
    Dr Avvedimento, Plastic Surgeon, Sweden

    It is a fair and standardised process. You need to know the basics well and be able to communicate that knowledge sensibly to get the majority of the marks

    DR Woodsworth, PLASTIC SURGEON, UK
    Beyond the typical canned responses about "why this specialty" or "why this program," be prepared to think on your feet about problem- solving

    Yes, you have to be honest, and yes you have to prepare your replies to any question related to the content you are a professional manner with no exaggeration

    Dr Alshomer, Plastic Surgeon, Saudi Arabia
    Launching in January 31st 2021



    7-day access

    This free access will give you a 7-day insight into this specific interview preparation for Plastic Surgeons. You will not have access to critical aspects to successful interview prep. 

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    Your time for successful interview preparation is here. Have complete confidence in your preparation and remove any stress from the application process. 

    • Specific to future Plastic Surgeons
    • High-quality verified Content
    • 360o Interview Approach
    • 6 Modules for the International Curriculum
    • Official past Interview Questions
    • Multiple Mini-Interviews and Practice Interviews
    • CV/Portfolio Preparation
    • Feedback after Mock interview
    • Must-Have Answer Templates
    • 6-months access, even after course is complete!


    6-months access

    Make sure to get the pre-launch offer before we bring this course to the market in January 2021. This deal will not happen again and you will have access for 6 months.

    Meet is striving to be the #1 Evidence-based Educational Platform for Plastic Surgeons. Our library of up-to-date high-quality reviews of hot-topics on has create an international community of like-minded Plastic Surgery Trainers and Trainees. The team are now trying to ensure the next generation of Plastic Surgeons can be successful in their application. 

    Frequently asked questions

    Why did thePlasticsFella create this digital course?

    This course has been created specifically for you, a future Plastic Surgeon. In 2020, thePlasticsFella team realised there is no complete step-by-step guide aimed helping future Plastic Surgeons for the interview process. This course was created because there is a need and also a desire. 

    Who is this 360o course for?

    This course has been created for those who want to have confidence in their interview preparation and succeed in their Plastic Surgery application - regardless of location. The team have analysed the global curriculum to make sure content is designed specifically for the international plastic surgery community. 

    Is this course for me?

    Well this is an answer one for us to answer, yes. 

    Interviews are an incredibly challenging journey. So if you would like an all-in-one package solely aimed at your success, then this course is definitely for you

    How long does the course take?

    The general feedback we receive from our trial cohort is approximately 10 days. But what is truly amazing is that you can have access to all the content for 6-months, which means you can keep revising and practicing even after you have finished the course. 

    When will this course be launched?

    This course will be launched in January 2021. thePlasticsFella team have spent a considerable amount of time to ensure this is the highest quality course. Make the most of the pre-launch deal because you will still have access to the content for 6 months!

    What is is striving to be the number 1 online evidence-based educational platform for Plastic Surgeons, internationally. We are currently achieving this through our free online library of high-quality topic reviews. This is our first and flagship course. 

    We hope you enjoy the course!

    thePlasticsFella team truly believe we have created the complete package for future Plastic Surgeons
    The #1 online educational platform for Plastic Surgeons. 

    The Course Creators

    The team really dug in deep and analysed all available questions a future plastic surgeon could be asked. I am very proud of our question database. 

    Phillip, RESEARCHER, USA
    I had so much fun creating the fresh infographics. It was a challenge to create simplistic and easier-to-remember visual content but the result was rewarding. 
    Nick, Designer, UK
    The whole creative process was pretty intense. It's hard when you have no template to improve upon because this really is the only online Plastic Surgery course. 
    Steve, Surgeon, Australia
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