thursday - Lesson 4

Yes or No?



Truly understand "Your Future"

"Where do you see yourself in 10 years?" is a common question. However, candidates often fail to grasp the true purpose of the question.

The best answers convey a specific and focused thought-process about your career. The answer should centred on your personal progression and also the colleagues and department as a whole. You must be able to simultaneously discuss the individual and bigger picture. Many candidates struggle with this, but this lesson will guide you. 

All of these questions are asking the same, thing: Tell me about your career goals. Remember: this question is asking about you, which means you can use the ACED structure. 
The next step is

Build your personal answer 

The key to winning over the interviewers is to have a very well-thought-out answer. The ThePlasticsFella feels this is best achieved by the ACED structure. (How to effectively use this specific memory hook is explained in more detail in the course)
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"How" > "What"

There are two types of candidates: those which successfully list their career goals and those who specifically describe how they are going to achieve their goals in a specific fashion.

From the feedback ThePlasticsFella has received, candidates don't explain the 'how' because they just don't know how to link-up their sentences. The infographic below should help overcome this issue. 
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 It can be a little bit daunting trying to create a 10-year plan. The following brainstorming session will focus on the "How" and guide your answer. 

Bring together the two exercises in this lesson to create a polished answer: your goals and how you are going to achieve theme. 

Now, Practice! 

Let's conclude this lesson by challenging yourself. With everything you have learnt in this module, put yourself on the spot and answer this question. 
In the course, you will also learn the important lesson of signposting and listing with our SCALPEL mnemonic.   
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With your answer set in stone, it is important to keep practicing it through spaced repetition and active recall. These two methods, learnt in our opening module, will allow you to be confident, conversational and fluent when asked this question. 

if you learnt 1 thing in this lesson

then you learn 100 things the course

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