Wednesday - Lesson 3

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Clinical Governance is boring (sorry)

There are 3 types of Plastic Surgery interview candidates - those who recite the definition, those who put the definition in their own words, and those who make clinical governance personal to their experiences. This lesson, you will learn to be the latter. 
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The "7" Pillars 

"7 pillars of clinical governance". Realistically, you would not need to recite these 7 pillars in your interview. Your goal is to be fluent in 3 pillars relevant to both you and plastic surgery. You should be aware of the remaining 4 pillars and to be able to briefly discuss them if pushed. 

 A quick tip though, link your examples with your previous answers. When you think about it, any type of question in the interview has a shade of clinical governance in it. For example, attending courses and online webinars is an important part to education and training - this is an answer already developed in "Tell us about your CV".
3 steps to your answer

Develop a Personal Answer

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Step 1 - Your Definition of Clinical Governance

ThePlasticsFella does not recommend you use the previously mentioned boring definition. As you build up your definition, ThePlasticsFella wants to inspire you with some previously heard answers

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 As you read them, ask yourself if the following criteria is met: 
Is the candidate's answer immediately personal?
Does the candidate convey they understand the broad concept of governance?
Does it mention the word 'patient'?

Step 2: Your Pillars

ThePlasticsFella recommends being fluent in 3 pillars of clinical governance. The three recommendations are clinical effectiveness & research, audit, and education & training. But if you feel differently, then do what makes you comfortable and confident. 

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Hopefully by now, you know the 3 pillars you are going to focus on. ThePlasticsFella still recommends to be vaguely familiar with the 4 other pillars, but it would very strange to be ask "What are the 7 pillars of clinical governance?". The quality of the interviewer has progressed to ask more in-depth and thought-provoking questions. 

This is just a sample

Step 3 is in the Course

Clinical Governance Questions 

Generally speaking, the "clinical governance questions" are not curveballs. They are very straightforward and boring (a little bit like the topic itself). Nonetheless, it's really important to be able to identify other potential questions.
Now it's your turn!

"What does clinical governance mean to you?"

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